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welcome to xbox 360 cheats! has everything you need to know about the Scrap Yard Plane Xbox 360 cheat code forCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360. Plus we have have many more Xbox 360 cheats, codes, tips and glitches, updated daily!


Other Xbox 360 cheats and codes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

      2 Equipment Glitch
      4 Person Boost
      Afghan Camping Spot
      Afghan Camp Spot
      Afghan Hedge
      Afghan Overwatch
      Afghan Sniper Montage Spot
      Afghan Sniper Spot
      Afghan Strategy
      Akimbo Visual Glitch
      Another Highrise Roof
      Another Highrise Snipers Spot
      Another High Rise Sniping Spot
      Another Highrise Spot
      Back Cabin Window
      Bailout Roofs (Stimulus Map Pack)
      Barber Glitch
      Boost Offline Characters
      Burger Town Hiding Spot
      Burger Town Hiding Spot
      Care Package Killstreak
      Carnival: Camp Clown Face (Resurgence MP)
      Carnival: Climb onto Dodgem (Resurgence MP)
      Carnival: Crenellated Wall (Resurgence MP)
      Carnival Roof
      Carnival Spots
      Carnival UFO and Crushinator (Resurgence MP)
      Chopper Gunner Spawn
      Claymore Launch
      Cold Blooded
      Cold Blooded Pro
      Derail Camping/Boosting Spot
      Derail Spots
      Easier No Scope Hint
      Easier No Scoping
      Easy Highrise Sniping Spot
      Easy No Scope Kill
      Estate House Alternate Method
      Estate Juggernauts
      Estate Ledge
      Estate Ledge Expounded
      Estate Sniper Ledge in House
      Estate Sniping Spot
      Estate Spots
      Estate Takedown Help
      Evasion Completion Tip
      Evasion Glitch
      Fast Emergency Airdrop
      Faster L86 LSW Reload
      Favela Camping Tree
      Favela Hiding Spot
      Favela Mirror Death
      Find Chopper Gunner or AC130 Campers
      Fuel: A Bit More (Resurgence Map Pack)
      Fuel Revisited (Resurgence MP)
      Fuel Spots (Resurgence MP)
      Get Past Sniper Fi on Veteran
      Gunner Boosting
      High Rise Building
      High Rise Crane
      High Rise Ledge Spot
      Highrise Roof
      High Rise Shooter
      Highrise Sign Sniping Spot
      Highrise Snipe Post
      Highrise Sniper Post
      High Rise Snipers Place
      HighRise Sniper Spot
      High Rise Snipers Spot
      High Rise Snipe Spot
      Highrise Sniping Area
      Highrise Sniping Place
      Highrise Sniping Region
      Highrise Sniping Spot
      Highrise Spot
      High Rise Spot
      High Rise Top of Roof
      Highrise: Under the Crane on Control Room
      Infinite Care Package / Emergency Drop
      Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo
      Invasion Building Spot
      Invasion Embassy Ledge
      Invisible Wall on Estate
      Karachi: Hanging by the Pool
      Karachi Hiding Spot
      Karachi Kill Spot
      Karachi: Leftovers
      Karachi Poles
      Karachi: Scale Southern Wall
      Karachi Sign Spot
      Karachi Spot
      Last Stand Pro
      Less Deagle Recoil
      Museum Button Easter Egg
      Museum Easter Egg
      Museum of Claymores
      No-scoping on Hardcore Mode
      Not Getting Caught Boosting
      Nuke Boosting
      Nuke Strategy
      OMA Help
      On Top of the Hut in Estate
      On Top of the Plane
      Out of Afghan
      Out of Afghan - Past the Radiation
      Out of Afghan Permanently
      Out of Hidden
      Out of Map on Terminal
      Out of Terminal
      Out of Wasteland
      Out of Wasteland
      Overgrown Hidden Spot
      Overgrown Roofs (Stimulus Map Pack)
      Overgrown Spot (Stimulus Map Pack)
      Package Infinite Glitch
      Pit in SSDD Under 30 Seconds
      Play Dead
      Quarry Snipe Spot
      Quicker C4 Detonation
      Restart at Point of Death
      Rundown Cantina Roof
      Rundown Roof Extra
      Rundown Roof Spots
      Rundown Truck
      Rust Spots
      Rust Spots Extra
      Salvage Container (Stimulus Map Pack)
      Scrapyard: Easier Overwatch
      Scrapyard Overwatch
      Scrapyard Planes and Invisi Ledge
      Scrapyard Scraps
      Secret Ledge on High Rise
      Shield Boost
      Shoot from Equipment
      Skidrow: Northwest Corner
      Skyscraper Roof on Highrise
      Sniping Spot On Estate
      Special Op Cheat in Hidden
      SSDD Under 30 Seconds - Alternate